eminent domain

What is Eminent Domain?

According to Wikipedia: Eminent domain, land acquisition, compulsory purchase, resumption, resumption/compulsory acquisition, or expropriation is the power of a state, provincial, or national government to take private property for public use. The government uses eminent domain to acquire property for “public use”.

What is the Purpose of Eminent Domain

Eminent domain refers to the power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use. The Fifth Amendment provides that the government may only exercise this power if they provide just compensation to the property owners.

Arguments Against Eminent Domain

What Happens if You Refuse Eminent Domain?

After thinking that you will decline their offer, the government will undoubtedly submit an action in court to seize your home via eminent domain. After that, the court routines an Order of Taking. This is a court hearing in which the government argues that it tried to acquire your land for a fair rate and is warranted in seizing it for public usage.