what to look for in an eminent domain attorney

What to Look for in an Eminent Domain Attorney

The extent to which the government can utilize eminent domain to seize property is quite extensive. There really are no limits in terms of what type of property the government can go after. The government can exercise the power of eminent domain over land, a house, an office building, even an automobile. The power of eminent domain could even extend to intangible property such as a patent, a brand, or in some instances a logo. The only two requirements that the government has to adhere to when it comes to eminent domain is that the property is needed for public use and the government has to pay fair market value or something called “just compensation” for that property.  If the government can meet those two requirements, then the government can proceed to take your property from you. Do you need an eminent domain lawyer? Call our office at 877-405-5882

Fighting the Government Can be Scary

Going against the government on your own can be a very scary proposition as a property owner if you are faced with an eminent domain claim from the government. More than likely, you are not fully knowledgeable about eminent domain and condemnation law and what your civil rights are.  Often, it is difficult to have a good idea as to how eminent domain cases play out, nor have you likely been through an eminent domain claim in the past.  Fortunately, as a property owner, you MIGHT only have to deal with eminent domain once in your life.  One of the best routes that you can take when faced with an eminent domain claim is to reach out to an eminent domain attorney.  Let’s take a look at what to seek out in terms of a quality Tennessee eminent domain attorney.

Knowledge of the States Specific Eminent Domain Law

There are a number of nuances in eminent domain law from state to state.  The state of Tennessee has its own unique aspects that make the power of the government pertaining to eminent domain unique.  You want to seek out an eminent domain attorney in Tennessee that is going to be knowledgeable about your state and its specific laws and powers for eminent domain.

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When seeking out an eminent domain attorney, it is best to start local. If you are living in the Memphis, TN area, as an example, it is best to start by looking for an eminent domain attorney that is right around the corner from you.  It is going to give you the assurance that they have handled several Tennessee eminent domain cases in the past.

Experience in Dealing with Similar Sized Cases

Having a great deal of experience is a powerful asset for an eminent domain attorney.  Seek out a Memphis, Tennessee eminent domain attorney that has handled cases such as yours in the past.  Set up some time with attorneys in your area, ask some friends and colleagues.  The more that you know about your eminent domain attorney the more confident that you are going to be that they will handle your case with effectiveness and efficiency.

Not all eminent domain cases are the same.  With that in mind, knowledge and experience pertaining to how courts have ruled in a state such as Tennessee in eminent domain cases can help an attorney pave the way for a successful case in your eyes.

The Ability to Communicate

The ability of your eminent domain attorney to communicate with you is an invaluable asset.  You may have the best attorney in the world, but if the lawyer cannot make any time for your case or cannot explain to you in a personable way that provides you with the comfort on what the attorney is doing, it does you no good.  You want to seek out an eminent domain attorney in Tennessee that will be able to give you and your case a personal touch.  If you have questions, they should be available and be there to provide you with some sound advice.  This is the type of advice you can gain confidence from, helping you understand that they truly are doing all they can to get you the best result possible.

Eminent Domain Never Occurs Willingly

No one wants to give up property to the government willingly.  Having an eminent domain attorney there for you can help in a successful case.  When you are able to find an attorney with experience, the time to speak in-depth, and the extensive knowledge of the Tennessee state eminent domain laws can help your eminent domain case immensely. Call our office to speak with an attorney skilled in eminent domain law at 877-405-5882 or email us at info@eminentdomainattorneysofamerica.com.